Rejoining the Fandom?

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I am highly considering re-joining the DHMIS fandom. I haven't watched an episode of DHMIS in about 2-3 years, however, I constantly remember a lot of the quotes, and after reading some commotions in a co-fandom I was involved in sometime before becoming interested in DHMIS, I've decided that Betty & Josh are superior people (to *coughcoughScroteGoblincoughcough*) and that DHMIS is a superior show (to *coughcoughshittyrobotfurrygamecoughcough*) and that I should consider providing the show another chance. I attempted to convince myself that Becky & Joe were terrible people, especially because a DHMIS hater that I respected decided to, in a sense, scold me for enjoying DHMIS and prioritizing it over the other fandom I was in, but I realized the creator of the other fandom I was in is even worse, so I've decided this show should be given another opportunity to shine. I may be rekindling with this bygone interest once more. However, it will NOT take priority over the fandoms listed in the bio in my header or my original projects.

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