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PuNnTaNG PuNnTaNG 5 August

Feedback Regarding the FandomDesktop Theme

All feedback regarding the FandomDesktop light & dark themes may be posted here, on my message wall, or on Discuss (however, please notify me if you've posted on Discuss as I do not browse it frequently). This blog post will be the hub for gathering critique and desired modifications regarding the FandomDesktop themes, especially the light mode as I do/will not utilize it under any circumstances. Please comment below to request modifications to either themes for reviewing and approval.

My personal opinion regarding FandomDesktop is that I do not believe that it is facile to navigate and I am displeased with the lack of the background image available for this theme. I shall grieve the disappearance of the Red Guy & Mayor Pigface background t…

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PuNnTaNG PuNnTaNG 24 July

The Day He Hatched

From the cursed egg that fell from his mother. The day he spawned and wreaked havoc on the world, filling each and every day and year with suffering and misery upon all who cross his path. What a miserable day it is, the 24th of July. This odious chain of events started 19 years ago today and may occur for decades to come. Must we mourn and pray each and every day that an end can be put this vile reign until the day comes that he shall perish and decompose into nothingness and we all, who shall live, shall rejoice and throw a large celebration. But, until then, we shall suffer in seemingly never-ending melancholy and despair. Damn you to hell, o malevolent one! And a "joyous" hatch day to you!

In case this wasn't obvious, today is my birthd…

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PuNnTaNG PuNnTaNG 19 June

Clarifications About Certain Policies

Sometime ago, I received a report and question on my message wall regarding word choices and requesting information about the reason I blocked a certain user. This can be seen here. I provided the reasoning behind the banning alongside clarifications about contexts and word usage that are permitted.

I decided to update the user's block log to provide clarifications of my reasoning with modifications of the phrasing to further clarify myself. I feel a blog would be appropriate to underline my beliefs.

It would be hypocritical of me to disallow all forms of arguments with admins or criticism of policies and administrative actions. On websites such as Furvilla and deviantART, I have been extremely critical of the manner in which the admins of t…

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PuNnTaNG PuNnTaNG 17 June

Rejoining the Fandom?

I am highly considering re-joining the DHMIS fandom. I haven't watched an episode of DHMIS in about 2-3 years, however, I constantly remember a lot of the quotes, and after reading some commotions in a co-fandom I was involved in sometime before becoming interested in DHMIS, I've decided that Betty & Josh are superior people (to *coughcoughScroteGoblincoughcough*) and that DHMIS is a superior show (to *coughcoughshittyrobotfurrygamecoughcough*) and that I should consider providing the show another chance. I attempted to convince myself that Becky & Joe were terrible people, especially because a DHMIS hater that I respected decided to, in a sense, scold me for enjoying DHMIS and prioritizing it over the other fandom I was in, but I realized…

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PuNnTaNG PuNnTaNG 26 February

Article To-Do List

The original one disappeared...

  • Mayor Pigface's special bowling ball
  • The numerous locations in the DHMIS series (both the web and TV versions)
  • The Trolli commercials
  • Tame Impala music video
  • Selfridges Window Display
  • Jarressy
  • Get Real Dude
  • USE - Adult Swim series
  • The Amazing World of Gumball segment
  • The Imaginary Friend puppets
  • Tallest Heights
  • Spine TV indents
  • Sherbet Xmas Card
  • The Lost Coin
  • A Liars Autobiography (The imagery for it is appealing to me so far.)
  • List of (inanimate) objects in the original DHMIS web series

(Anything unlisted from Wakey Wakey or that cannot be easily accessed must be done by yourselves, since I have not and do not intend to watch the Wakey Wakey episode in particular until it's finally released officially and in high-quality, a…

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