Soul huntre

aka Undisclosed Colony Of Termites.

Pesky bee
  • I live in Under someone's bed.
  • I was born on July 1
  • My occupation is undisclosed
  • I am Colony of termites.

"Mister clockman

Can you hear me?

Are you there, are you here?

I don't really know.

I don't really know if I truly ever tried.

But now I am

Can you turn back,

And let me try

Again to be the person

That I needed to be..

I am wiser

than I once was

I just want to show myself as someone,

I just sit here and waste time on these meaningless trials of misery.

Mister clockman

Are you with me?

I don't know if it matters...

Maybe prayer is just another fancy term we use to describe the meaningless...

But sometimes it's all you have.


Mister clockman

I need you

to turn back time

and let me fix who I was

and let me be someone

and let me

help someone

and let me


to be the person that I once was

but instead,

I just sit here and

waste my time on these


trials of endurance.

It's not my choice, Clearly I can't change it.

So I guess it's back to sleeping,


goodbye mister clockman,

and goodbye, mister life."

-A colony of deformed termites living in your basement

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