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A gift for you.

A girl who likes Don't Hug Me I'm Scared! I don't want this to die yet to be honest... I'm waiting for 19th June for the next episode. I watch all the episode and got some sick theories from this series.

I also write Fanfics but I didn't write any from this series... Don't worry I'll do one and be creative with the Fanfic!

Well here's my favorite characters from the series!

  • Harry (Red Guy)
  • Tony The Talking Clock (Clock)
  • Robin (Duck Guy)
  • Manny (Yellow Guy)
  • Paige (Sketchbook)

My theories

  1. I know I comment this on Red Guy wikia page but I will like to mention it again in my wikia profile ok? ok... In my headcanon in episode 4 Red Guy discover what is reality is, he realize that he was part of a tv show and his mind blow He wasn't in episode 5 because of it. He obviously left to think about what should he do after what he discover (I wish I went to Japan with him). He try to tell or should I say save his friends by calling them in the house but it was too late, he wanted to save them before they kinda... Die or lost their mind? I don't know if Duck Guy dies in the series because he can come back alive in the next episode. I hope not I like him! (I copy and paste this.)
  2. In Episode 5 Robbin (Duck Guy) discover what is reality like Harry (Red Guy) When he answer the call every time he wake up in a surgery because the food band find out that Robbin is starting to face the fact that his in a tv show. In my opinion I think he will come back alive in Episode 6.