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Hello, my name is Colin, I'm just a normal FANDOM user, I joined back in October, and I am an extremely active user, FANDOM is one of the greatest parts of my day, and I love to interact with other users, I plan to stay on FANDOM for a while, it's so fun to use, and it helps keep me happy during the gloomy time of the virus, I am active on numerous wikis, and you can see them all in my bio, my birthday is in November, I'm not comfortable saying my exact age, my favorite wiki is the Marvel Database, I am active there everyday, I am much of a DC fan, because I enjoy multiple comics, but the DCEU isn’t great in my opinion! But, that doesn't mean I hate DC, I like all comics, including DC! I also like TV shows such as the Simpsons, Don't Hug me I'm Scared (I have special rights on both of those wikis), and the Marvel wikis, I am active at the MCU wiki, but I feel as if that wiki is sometimes too strict, and not always fun, but it still has a great community, and I don't hate the users or admins, I just believe some of the rules are somewhat extreme.


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