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"We are in the universe! Planets live inside the moon. A rocket ship can go to space! A rocket ship can go to the moon!"

—Universe Guy, Episode 6

The Universe Guy is a teacher who appears in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6.


He briefly appears during the montage future teachers while Red Guy fiddles with the machine. He sings a song about planets and spaceships, and he gets most his facts right. He is then replaced by the Football.


He appears to be a live human wearing a black bodysuit and matching black masks. The planets in the solar system are attached to the mask. A large sun sits in the middle of the disk where his face is located. He also holds a spaceship in his hand.


  • He is played by an actor in a costume, much like Red Guy and Steak Guy.
  • His line, "Planets live inside the moon!" has become a popular meme in the DHMIS community.
  • Some members of the community call him Hugo due to his voice actor, Hugo Donkin. Others call him Neil in honor to Neil Armstrong.