"You could be crushed by a bus."

-Traffic Light
Traffic light

The Traffic Light is a character that briefly appears in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6, when Red Guy is experimenting with a machine. He was supposed to teach the puppets about crossing the road.


He looks like the standard traffic light, with a gray border, black cover, red, yellow, and green lights, and thick black eyebrows. There are two eye at the top corners of the Traffic Light. His mouth is the yellow traffic light.


"green means go"

"But red does mean not to go"

"You could be crushed by a bus"


  • He has a deep voice like Sammy the spade.
  • His colors resemble those of Red GuyYellow Guy, and Duck.
  • It is possible that part of the song was cut off since the line "Green is for go" can't be fully heard.
  • It is possible that it was intentional that we only see his face, Since making a body for a traffic light would be a bit hard.