• Personally, I like the Sketchbook as female just as much as you do- she's prettier that way, if you get what I mean- but I've seen some fans who like to interpret Sketchbook as male, and others who like to interpret it as genderless, and in order to please those fans as well, I'd really appreciate it if the page was kept with it/its pronouns and referred to as a "genderless" character.

    Please do not shove your gender views in the article itself again or I might have to ban you from editing for a bit. Please respect that this wiki prefers to refer to ambiguous characters (e.g.: Sketchbook, Spinach Can, Monster Cans, the Morph Suit People, etc.) with neutral pronouns until there is a direct confirmation of their gender(s). Thank you.

    For reference, certain characters like Rabbit Boy also had a feminine voice (i.e.: voiced by Becky herself) but Becky actually confirmed they were male.

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