The Red Guys are characters in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6

There are a group of characters that closely resemble Red Guy. They all have pretty much the same personality as Red Guy, the primary difference being that they all wear clothes They seem to have even less interest in creativity than Red Guy, seeing as one of them shoots down his idea of the file singing and dancing and they boo him when he sings the Creativity Song. The characters all seem to work in an office. 


The characters resemble humans in furry red suits with long hair (resembling a mop) and eyes resting on top. They all wear business suits.   

Role in series

The Red Guys only make one appearance in episode six. They are arguably some of the most prominent characters in the series. They appear in the scene where Red Guy has been transported to the real world, and they teach him that the real world is even more boring than the lessons he is constantly subjected to. They also seem to have some strange association with Roy, as he makes an appearance in the bar scene being the only one who does not jeer at Red Guy (although this may be due to an inability to speak). 


The Red Guys are shown to be satisfied with working in a boring office, where they are subjected to menial tasks such as "filing files" for hours on end. The characters seem to dislike Red Guy's creative and unique personality and want him to assimilate to their boring lives. They are shown to mimic creativity shown in the scene where one is shown slamming a piano in an attempt to show creativity when in reality, he is just hitting random keys


  • The Red Guys all seem to be male.
  • The Red Guys are voiced by Joe Pelling. It is possible that these Red Guys were also a simulation created by Roy, since they seem to disappear when Roy sees Red Guy and wishes to speak to him.
  • All the Red Guys seem to have the same personality. This might imply that they are a metaphor for Red Guy having a problem with who he is and how he feels about the lessons.


  • "Can you file these files for me?
  • "No... that sounds really boring".
  • "Yeah, so I was like 'That isn't even the same bucket!'"
  • "So I am the cool guy, I guess... Laid back and sad."
  • "Well, that's rude. No clothes."
  • "BOO! I don't like it!"
  • "It's not very good at all!"
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