The Key to the City is the main antagonist of Wakey Wakey, and scares the town of ClayHill into a state of hyper-paranoia. He first appears to be a normal key when found in the abandoned Town Hall by Duck, but suddenly turns into a boy when inside the trio's funny house. Despite seemingly belonging to Mayor Pigface he seems to have no desire to find him, ignoring Red Guy's concerns when he finds the Mayor's footprints leading out of the town. He instead leads everybody to believe that Duck should be the new Mayor.


He is a large metal key with a yellow lock on his neck, and a small mustache on his face. He also has long arms and stubby legs, with white gloved hands and black shoes that match the color of his appendages.


The Key To The City is much more subtle and clever then the other teachers, placing seeds of fear and paranoia into the residents of ClayHill, and feeding into Duck's desire to protect the city leading him to evenetually become Mayor, bringing both him and the Key into power. He also seems to have an obsession with people wetting themselves, in the same vain as the Healthy Band's grey teeth gag.

Villainous Acts

  • Yelled "LISTEN" at Yellow Guy
  • Ignored Red Guy
  • Pulled out Yellow Guy's front teeth
  • Snooped through Duck's lunchbox
  • Slept on the roof of the trio's funny house
  • Sawed a fire hydrant
  • Broke into the trio's Function Room (although Duck seemed pleased by this)
  • Stepped on Yellow Guy's feet
  • Pinched Duck's legs
  • Messed with the structural integrity of the trio's funny house.
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