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"Let's get healthy now!"

-Steak Guy

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The Healthy Band is a group of talking food-related characters that sing about being healthy. They are from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5. The members include a human-sized raw steak wearing a chef's hat (Steak), a can with leaves or some sort of green vegetable, presumably spinach or chard sticking out, (Spinach Can), and a loaf of bread who drums on some jars of peanut butter and jam (Bread Boy). Later on, a refrigerator (Fridge) also joins.

They are a band, but they are considerably amateurish singers (except for Bread Boy) and their song is filled with more talking rather than singing. Their song says that foods that are actually healthy are unhealthy, and vice versa, and they contradict one another over what foods are good for you and what foods are bad and "will make your teeth go grey" (the running gag of this episode). Some food will also make your gums go gray or your kidneys bleed.

They become worried (particularly Steak) when interrupted by the telephone ringing, though they themselves interrupt or ignore Duck Guy's questions. When Duck Guy tries to escape (perhaps after being warned by Red Guy on the phone), they summon cans (Monster Cans) that eat Duck Guy's organs and put them into smaller cans, which are then eaten by Yellow Guy.

The Steak and Spinach Can briefly appear in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6.

Villainous Acts

  • Ignored or interrupted Duck Guy's arguable comments and prevented him from answering the phone calls made by Red Guy.
  • Spreading misinformation about several of food choices. For instance, the Healthy Band listed fruit salad as a fancy, unhealthy food. They also listed some foods, like aspic and bread, as plain, healthy food, which is not very tasteful. Steak in particular contradicts himself over white sauce.
  • Sent Monster Cans to dismember Duck Guy's organs into cans.


  • The Healthy Band is so far the only group of teachers in the series who directly killed a main character, in this case, Duck Guy (though they use the Monster Cans to claim the victim).
  • The Healthy Band is the only "teacher" aside from the Love Cult to consist of more than one main teacher.
  • The Bread is the only member of The Healthy Band who is not an antagonist or a villain.