"And our love will never go"

- Special One

The Special One is an imaginary character that briefly appeared in the third Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, she is Yellow Guy's potential girlfriend, or as Shrignold refers to her, "his special one."


She is yellow, has pink hair, and an orange nose. Unlike Yellow Guy, she has teeth, and she wears a necklace with a blue heart on it and a white dress.



  • The Special One is the only female puppet character to be resembled like a human.
  • In a Behind the Scenes photo with Yellow Guy, she has no visible arms, but in the episode, she has arms. Though, that might have been because they were in process of making her.
  • She only has one line, like the Flowers, and the Maggot.
  • She bares a strong resemblance to Yellow Guy.
  • It may be possible that Special One died, or got maimed badly, due to the recent official Behind the Scenes pictures of her, and the captions on those pictures ("Goodbye Special One!").
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