Mrs. Grenald is a character from the brand new DHMIS television series being produced by Conaco, Blink industries, and Super Deluxe. In the first episode, "Wakey Wakey", she is revealed to be the neighbor to Red Guy, Duck, and Yellow Guy and Big Ian. After being introduced as Big Ian's neighbor she gets a line in the introduction song, "And everyday I come outside and give you lots of cakes and pies. Good Morning!". After her line, Yellow guy approaches her and exclaims "Oh, Birthday cake!" which Red Guy replies "No, don't eat that." because her pies were filled with gore. As of now, she is simply a side character however her role may increase in size as the series goes on.


As seen by the "Raw Footage" video, she has a light blue face, orange nose, pink-ish lips. She was also seen wearing a chef hat, an apron and brown dress(?) underneath it. She also have 2 ears or hair on her side that flops as she moves, it is same color as her face.



"And everyday I come outside and give you lots of cakes and pies"

"Good morning!"

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