The Big Bad Money Man

Him threatening to hit Red Guy with a hammer

"READ, READ!" ~ Money Man

The Big Bad Money Man, or "Money Man", is a costumed character and the greedy antagonist of the Kickstarter videos that kidnapped the three puppets, he needed money or else the puppets would have been killed. He doesn't talk; he only grunts and writes.

Money Man flag

His flag


He is a brown creature that wears green clothing and a red armband with his symbol.


He is very greedy and extremely hostile toward the puppets.

Villainous Acts

  • Kidnapped three puppets for money
  • Covered Bird Puppet's mouth with duct tape
  • Ripped one of Sketchbook's pages off
  • Threatened to hit Red Guy with a hammer
  • Covered Yellow Guy's head with a bag
  • Removed one part from the puppets' bodies, (Red Guy's ear and part of his hair, Bird Puppet's eye and some of his feathers surrounding it, and Yellow Guy's finger and part of the bone.)
  • Writing on an envelope with one of the puppets' blood


  • He is the only antagonist who tortures the puppets instead of educating/brainwashing them.
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