The Big Bad Money Man

Him threatening to hit Red Puppet with a hammer

Money Man is the greedy antagonist of the Kickstarter videos, he needed money or else the puppets would of been killed, he doesn't talk. He just grunts and writes.

Kickstarter (video)

He tied up the three puppets in his torture chamber, he covers Bird Puppet's mouth with duct tape. Red Puppet is forced by him to read a script, it is possible that he hits Red Puppet with a hammer.


He is seen walking over to who appears to be Yellow Guy, he is forcing Red Puppet to read a script. He walks out and shuts the door.


He is calling someone on the phone, demanding money. He walks away after placing a bag on Yellow Guy's head.


He tears off Bird Puppet's eye, Red Puppet's ear, and Yellow Guy's finger and writes the word "YOU" in blood. Only his hand can be seen.


  • He is on the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Facebook page icon
  • He is the only antagonist who tortures the puppets instead of educating them.
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