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-Money Man

The Big Bad Money Man, or "Money Man," is a costumed character and the main antagonist of the HELP videos. He is a creature that kidnapped the main ones. He required a ransom or else the puppets would have been murdered. He usually doesn't talk and only grunts and writes.


Not much is known about the Money Man. However, what is known is that he has a strong affinity for money. Despite his birth date being unknown, we can tell by his height and proportions that he is an adult. At some point in his life, he kidnapped the three main ones, and Sketchbook. He demanded money in order to release them. If he was not compensated, he would have slaughtered them. The Money Man continuously tortures them in the meantime. They are unable to escape because they are tied town to seats and they are also gagged so they are unable to speak. Coincidently, the Money Man also cannot speak in long sentences, being only capable of giving short demands. He is shown to be a very violent person, going as far as to even hold a hammer to Red Guy's head, ready to strike him if he didn't read his script. He also dismembers numerous limbs off people and he even puts the people straight to simulation eventually probably. Although, it is unknown what happened to Money Man later on, he either got his money and didn’t actually kill the puppets or he truly did murder them. He may have actually put them straight to simulation, though, as the puppets appear alive later on. He is very greedy and extremely hostile toward the puppets.

His flag

He may be responsible for the disappearance/missing poster for the three main characters.


The Money Man is a brown furry creature of an unknown species. He wears a black yarmulke, a navy green prison suit with long sleeves, and a red armband with his symbol. He has a round, bulbous nose, a thick black unibrow, and small round eyes with black pupils. He is barefoot with his feet resembling those of a bear. He has a shaggy haircut with a long beard.


"READ! READ!" —Money Man, "HELP"


Villainous Acts

  • Kidnapped main ones for money
  • Covered Duck's mouth with duct tape
  • Ripped one of Notepad’s pages off
  • Threatened to hit Red Guy with a hammer
  • Covered Yellow Guy's head with a bag
  • Removed one part from the main ones' bodies, (Red Guy's ear and part of his hair, Duck Guy's eye and some of his feathers surrounding it, and Yellow Guy's finger and part of the bone)
  • Writing on an envelope with one of the puppets' blood
  • probably puts main ones straight to simulation


  • He is the only antagonist who tortures the puppets instead of educating/brainwashing them.
  • His armband and his flag are very Nazi-like, with the symbol resembling a Swastika.
  • The symbol from his flag also appears on the gas can used to burn Malcolm in the credit sequence of "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3."