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"Whoa, whoa! What are you doing? No! That's actually vandalism, not punk! Someone worked really hard on that poster, probably."

—Milk Jug, "Wakey Wakey"

Milk Jug is a supporting character in the pilot episode of the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared television series, "Wakey Wakey."


Milk Jug is a blue glass bottle of milk. He is a soft drink with a glass design of white zig zags, pink inside the zig zags, and sky blue outside the zig zags. His face contains sunglasses, brown eyebrows, a simple bean-shaped nose, and a brown goatee. He is also wearing a black vest with a belt buckle saying "PVNK."


Milk Jug aspires to be considered cool. He considers himself a rebel, although he only commits minor crimes. He does not wish to commit major crimes such as vandalism or arson. He is an influence, attempting to teach others how to be punk, and informing them about something that is a major crime. He also tries to sell his drink to get away.


In Wakey Wakey, Yellow Guy was mad at Milk Jug's metal brother. However, Milk Jug helps him after selling his drink to Yellow Guy. Yellow Guy decides to turn punk and commit major crimes. Yellow Guy tells Milk Guy to follow him. Milk Jug was curious about what he was doing, so he follows him to the town hall. Yellow Guy attempts to commit mass destruction with Milk Jug attempting to convince him to bail out. Yellow Guy doesn't wish to and deduces that Milk Guy is a poseur. Yellow Guy then pushes him into the new drill security which causes his death. After the Milk Jug dies, the machine goes haywire and explodes. Everyone then celebrates Yellow Guy's birthday. Yellow Guy receives a a fizzy milk bottle as a present. He drinks it and places it on the table, where it rolls off and shatters on the floor.

Fizzy Milk

The drink that Milk Jug made for his business is Fizzy Milk. Fizzy Milk is milk soda that he sells to rebels and rogues. Its ingredients are unknown. The two known flavors include boiled beef and original. Fizzy Milk has the ability to automatically transform whoever drinks it into a punk (or at least, it will give them new punk clothing). It will not change the drinker's personality, however.


  • "You know they can't control all of us." —Milk Jug, "Wakey Wakey"
  • "If you wanna be cool, drink Fizzy Milk!" —Milk Jug, "Wakey Wakey"


  • Fizzy Milk production
  • Skateboarding
  • Vaping
  • Being punk


  • Selling a magical unknown drink.



  • Yellow Guy's punk design is possibly based off of Dan Brit's "I'm Not A Punk Anymore."
  • Yellow Guy's belt buckle says "PUMK" instead of "PUNK."
  • The Milk Jug's Fizzy Milk is considered an energy drink.
  • It is unknown if he has a name in the series, although a label states that his name is Milk Jug.
  • He is the only food character seen in "Wakey Wakey."