Michael, also known as the loneliest and ugliest boy in town, is a character used in a story on Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3 to show Yellow Guy that everyone has a special one. He is often insulted by the townsfolk and he lives in a hole underground.


He wears a white shirt, black pants and shoes. He constantly smiles, and his head has only a few hairs on it.


He is very sad since he is often insulted by the townsfolk. He always smiles regardless.

The Story of Michael

This is the Story of Michael, the loneliest boy in town:

This is the Story of Michael

The ugliest boy in town

Ugly and weak

They called him a freak

So he lived on his own underground

He lived on his own underground

He lived on his own underground...



  • Though he's sad in the story, he is always smiling. The reason is unknown, as in the story, he does not have a special one, even though Shrignold and Rabbit Boy say otherwise.
  • Joe Pelling, one of the DHMIS creators, has an animation "The Lost Coin" with the protagonist named "Michael."
  • Michael was the first character to have his name introduced onscreen, while the others either remain with unknown names or were revealed via social media. The second was Malcolm.
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