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  • I am ordinary. (Futhermore, a gloomy man.)
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  • Heyo, i'm a pretty big fan of DHMIS and i've been touching up the wiki as of late, i was wondering if i could join as an admin or something because people keep vandalizing pages. Like I gave The Key to the City a proper page with an infobox and the like instead of the two sentences just calling him a piece of shit, and somebody came in and just wrote that he was a piece of shit over and over trying to be a big internet funny man. So being able to stop that sort of thing from happening would be a big help while i touch up other pages with more relevant information. Get back to me whenever you can, ciao. 👌🏼

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    • I gave you the role of a rollback. I'm a little weary of who I give full adminship, but I think a rollback role would solve the problem.

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    • Sounds good man, sorry if it sounded like i was asking for too much, i dont use fandom alot lmao. I'll go ahead and start fixing up more pages

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  • R.E.M

    R.E.M. - Losing My Religion (Official Music Video)

    I thought that I heard you laughing

    I thought that I heard you sing

    I think I thought I heard you try

    Every whisper

    Every waking hour

    I'm choosing my confession

    Trying to keep an eye on you

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    • Oddly enough, the font Curlz MT doesn't work... I really liked that font. XvX

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    • This is a nice font.

      So's this one.

      I'm trying to look for a good font to use for comments and replies on Wikia... something readable but lovely to look at and that feels like me...

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  • Puttin' on the Ritz - Taco

    If you're blue,

    and you don't know

    where to go to

    why don't you go

    where fashion sits?

    Puttin' on the ritz!

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  • This is only published here so I don't forget it...

    • Every major setting in all the current 6 DHMIS episodes (Noticed we lacked setting articles, and lotsa good wikis have them)
    • Key Teacher from the "Wakey Wakey" teaser (Whenever there is more info on them.)
    • Old Man from the "Wakey Wakey" teaser (Whenever there is more info on him.) THANKS, YellowGuysAccount!
    • DHMIS TV Series
    • The characters from the pilot
    • Becky and Joe's other projects
      • St John Ambulance
      • UMO
      • Trolli
      • TAWOG (Someone else please do this for me. I don't really like Gumball anymore...)
      • Self Ridges Window Display
      • Spine TV Idents
      • The Colouring
      • Jarressy
      • Tame Impala
      • The puppets they made for children of their imaginary friends???
    • More cast members.
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