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Mayor Pigface is a character who made a brief appearance in the Wakey Wakey trailer for the DHMIS television series. Not much is known about him other then he plays an important role in the new series.


In the available clips of Wakey Wakey, the three main characters are singing a song and visiting their neighbors. They all go to see the Mayor, as he participates in their song every day, but when they arrive at his house, he is nowhere to be found. Duck goes inside the Mayor's home to investigate, and finds a silver key which he puts into his pocket. When the trio returns to their Funny House, they discuss their concerns. As they do this, the key reveals himself as Mean Steve, who begins singing about safety. During Mean Steve's song, Red Guy finds footsteps leading to the gate that he suspects are the Mayor's, but the townspeople ignore this. Red Guy decides to leave the town, while the citizens decide Duck will be the new Mayor. Later at the Mayor's office (now owned by Duck), new safety procedures are taken to keep the town safe. Mean Steve claims that the town needs to be safer, and that strangers are everywhere, while Yellow Guy continues to wonder what happened to Mayor Pigface. During their meeting, Mean Steve melts Yellow Guy's birthday present in a pot of acid, which upsets Yellow Guy and causes him to leave the office. Red Guy continues to look for Mayor Pigface in the woods. Meanwhile, Yellow Guy claims Mayor Pigface was a better mayor than Duck before being confronted by Milk Jug, who agrees that Duck is a bad mayor, although he confuses Yellow Guy with his unusual speech and behavior. Milk Jug advertises his Fizzy Milk brand, which gives Yellow Guy a new outfit and a "punk" outlook. Yellow Guy proceeds to vandalize one of the Mayor's posters in order to smash the system, which makes Milk Jug upset. Milk Jug suggests they drink more Fizzy Milk instead of continuing the vandalism. The camera the cuts to Red Guy, who sees several strangers in the woods after an encounter with a rock who thinks it is a tree. Among the strangers, he sees Mayor Pigface dressed as a log and singing a song about his new life in the outside world. Mayor Pigface claims to like the outside world, only to kill a bird moments later. Red Guy tries to talk to the Mayor, but he goes unnoticed as Mayor Pigface continues to sing about his new friends pinching his legs and stealing his teeth. Ironically, these are some of the nefarious acts Mean Steve warned the trio about in his safety song. Mayor Pigface is eventually broken out of his song by Red Guy, who then meets his new friends, which are just decorated logs. He asks Red Guy if he'd like to eat a soup of water, leaves, and twigs. Red Guy sensibly declines. In town, Duck decides to deploy surveillance cameras inside the homes of the citizens. Duck plugs himself into the system and sees Yellow Guy's graffiti, which upsets him. Mean Steve lies to Duck to convince him to brainwash the Clayhill citizens with the security devices. Back in the woods, Red Guy convinces Mayor Pigface to return to the town despite his claims that he prefers the outside world. Mayor Pigface also tells Red Guy that Mean Steve is not the key to the city, and produces the real key from his pocket. When they arrive back at Clayhill, they find the town has been completely locked down by Duck, and a camera tries to brainwash them. They try to fight back, but the scene ends before the fight can be seen. Inside the town, Yellow Guy returns to Duck in the Mayor's office to try and stop him. Mean Steve looks very different in this scene. Milk Jug tries to stop Yellow Guy, but is pushed into the surveillance computers. The resulting spilled milk from this destroys the computers, freeing all of the brainwashed citizens. The lock on the gate breaks, allowing Mayor Pigface and Red Guy to return to the town. The scene cuts to the Funny House, where Duck apologizes to Pigface for the trouble he's caused, and Mayor Pigface tells Duck about the importance of thinking freely. Everyone celebrates Yellow Guy's birthday, which was overshadowed by Mayor Pigface's earlier disappearance, and he gets Fizzy Milk as a present. The episode ends when a Fizzy Milk bottle falls of the coffee table and shatters.


There were only two scenes in Wakey Wakey featuring Mayor so little is known about his appearance other then he is green, is balding and he wears a suit, a top hat, and glasses.


Mayor's office