HELP #3 is the sixth video to promote the Kickstarter. Unlike the first two HELP videos (HELP and HELP #2), it has dismemberment.


Money Man tears off Duck Guy's eye along with some of his feathers, Red Guy's ear and some of his hair, and Yellow Guy's finger and a bit of a bone. After this, Money Man begins to write "YOU" with blood and he places the body parts inside the envelope. Text appears saying "THE PUPPETS NEED" above the bloody envelope. Money Man points at his bloody writing, and then takes away the writing, briefly revealing the words, "OR DEAD?"



  • The video was removed after the Kickstarter succeeded, along with the IS THIS THE END?, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: The Series, and 1 WEEK LEFT videos.
  • The Facebook post with the video stated "Uh-oh...the money man is angyyy! Only 4 days left until the puppets are DEADED! Please help if you can spare a few £'zzzzz!"