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Gilbert the Globe is a character that briefly appears in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4

Gilbert the Globe.


An image of him was posted on Becky's Instagram around January 20th and quickly after was posted in an update on the DHMIS Kickstarter page. He was going to sing to the puppets, only to be interrupted by Colin.


He is a globe of the earth with two round eyes and a smiling mouth. His right eye is situated on the land part, while the left eye is on the ocean part. His stand is probably wooden since the stand is a chocolate brown color.


Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4




  • Unlike what many previously believed, he was not the teacher.
    • Otherwise, he was a seemingly harmless teacher, which could be the reason why Colin decided to interrupt and replace him.
  • While things are glitching out before Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Duck Guy get sucked into the Digital World, he can be heard saying "Hey!"
    • This is his only word to ever be spoken in the series, because when he is going to talk/sing to the puppets, Colin interrupts and speaks to them instead.
  • The placement of the land on the Globe is incorrect.
  • He is the only (supposed) teacher who wasn't able to even start his song.
  • A globe resembling Gilbert is located behind Red Guy in Episode 2.