The Football is a future teacher seen in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6. He was shown briefly while Red Guy was experimenting with the machine. 


He was supposed to teach the characters about sports, although his knowledge about the topic leaves a lot to be desired. He tossed a red card at Yellow Guy whereas red cards are only issued for insulting an empire and attacking any player in the game, and Yellow Guy has done no such thing, in addition to the fact that red cards aren't actually thrown at people in cricket.


He is a brown American football who has black arms, buck teeth and no legs. He wears a white glove on one hand, and a baseball glove on the other. He also has a soccer ball, cricket ball and shuttlecock floating around him (they are all the same size).


”Sports! Ball! Let’s play sports! Cricket ball! Red card!”


  • He has a heavily autotuned voice.
  • It was confirmed in a behind the scenes photo that he is voiced by Joe Pelling.
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