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"It’s just a boring old orange!"
  — Duck

Duck, Duck Guy or Bird Guy is a dark green puppet and one of the main protagonists of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared along with Red Guy and Yellow Guy. He is voiced by Baker Terry and has a lightly auto-tuned voice.

Before his official name was revealed, it was unknown what kind of bird he was, but he was commonly assumed by fans to be a duck, and nicknamed "Robin", "Birdman", "Bird Puppet" and "Crowe". However, in the 4th episode - when Red Guy stumbles upon the crude remake of the first episode - he is represented by a living duck. It was finally confirmed by CGI Designer Jack Sachs that he is indeed a duck.[1]


He is a dark green duck with a yellow beak and legs, wearing a brown blazer with a red handkerchief in one of his pockets. From the second episode and on, he wears brown corduroy shorts. He didn't wear any pants in the first Don't Hug Me I'm Scared episode, however. He owns a pair of glasses and a hat, although he is never seen wearing them.


He seems to be the second most intelligent out of the trio, capable of forming complex ideas about the concept of time. However, his intelligence seems to vary between episodes, for example, he mistakes a butterfly for a "pesky bee" in Episode 3. He is also very talkative, arguably the most talkative among the three friends.

He appears to enjoy eating (raw) chicken and eggs, even though he is a duck . He also appears to be interested in technology, as seen in the second and fourth episode and also in fashion as he his rather neatly dressed and by his interest in the digital style in Episode 4.

In Episode 4, he seems shocked when Colin mentions the word "time", which might hint to him having Chronophobia after the events that took place in Episode 2. This is further evidenced in the interview with It's Nice That, where after he was asked 'what happened after the olden days?' he replied 'Time! Time! Time! Time!'.

He can be considered critical as he questioned the idea of time in Episode 2 and rejected the ideas of The Healthy Band in Episode 5. He's also seems the most arrogant and self absorbed of the group as seen in Wakey Wakey when he called their sad house and Yellow Guy's birthday buckles "rubbish".

In Episode 5 he becomes more and more annoyed and suspicious of the teachers saying "Something is wrong" and eventually grows tired of it all and runs away.

Duck seems to be the only professional 'actor' as he is shown to over dramatize things and speak in a slightly exaggerated tone, as if reading from a script. This theory is further proved as he attempts to leave the set in Episode 5.


Duck appears as part of the main trio of puppets in all the Episodes of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.

He is tormented by a sketchbook in Episode 1 and was rapidly aged to the point of decay by Tony the clock in Episode 2 along with the others in the trio.

He goes on a picnic with his friends in Episode three where exclusively raw chicken and eggs are eaten, despite him being a duck. When Yellow guy goes missing, he is reluctant to search for him but goes with Red Guy at the end of the Episode to surprise his friend with the last boiled egg. This gesture is quickly squashed when Duck squats the bug inside of the egg and calls it a 'pesky bee', one of his most memorable quotes.

Duck is further tormented by Colin the computer in Episode 4 when subjected to high simulation to the point of torture but, like Yellow Guy, appears to be unaffected.

When Red Guy leaves the 'show' for Episode 5, Duck is the first to realize something is wrong and attempts to contact him through the red phone in the kitchen setting. He attempts to escape the show in the same episode but is put under anesthetic and wakes up tied to a surgeon table. His organs are forcefully removed and tasted by a large can. These organs, once in cans are eaten by his friend Yellow Guy.

At the end of the 6th episode, he appears to be taking Yellow Guy's place in the 2nd episode (saying the line "Fish on my tray(?)!" while holding a tray with fish on it). He can also be seen as a digital block from the 4th episode when teachers start to appear uncontrollably. When Red Guy alters the timeline, Duck is appeared alive again at the table, this time, he is his favorite color, and, like the rest of his friends, now has freedom, and has never died.


  • "It's just a boring old orange!" —Duck, Episode 1
  • "I don't see what you mean!" —Duck, Episode 1
  • "I can see a hat! —Duck along with Yellow Guy, Episode 1
  • "I can see a cat! —Duck along with Yellow Guy, Episode 1
  • "I can see a man with a baseball bat! —Duck along with Yellow Guy, Episode 1
  • "I can see a dog! —Duck along with Yellow Guy, Episode 1
  • "I can see a frog! —Duck along with Yellow Guy, Episode 1
  • "I can see a ladder leaning on a log! —Duck along with Yellow Guy, Episode 1
  • "Yeah? —Duck along with Yellow Guy, Episode 1
  • "Red!" —Duck, Episode 1
  • "Oh." —Duck, Episode 2
  • "What do you mean, we're already clean!" —Duck, Episode 2
  • "The apple that is fresh is ripe to the core!" —Duck, Episode 2
  • "Like birthdays!" —Duck, Episode 2
  • "It's quarter to eight, there's fish on my plate!" —Duck, Episode 2
  • "It's eleven to twelve, there's fish in the bath!" —Duck, Episode 2
  • "But when did it start?" —Duck, Episode 2
  • "Maybe time is just a concept of human perception, an illusion created by—" —Duck, Episode 2
  • "Pesky bee!" —Duck, Episode 3
  • "Yes! And I've packed us a delicious chicken picnic!" —Duck, Episode 3
  • "And we have finished the chicken picnic..." —Duck, Episode 3
  • "We're sorry we upset you. But look! We brought you the last boiled egg! To cheer you up!" —Duck, Episode 3
  • "Yes! If only there was some way to learn more information about this..." —Duck, Episode 4
  • "Time?" —Duck, Episode 4
  • "I live in my house!" —Duck, Episode 4
  • "Wow! We're all computer-y!" —Duck, Episode 4
  • "But if he's not quite real, then I'm not real too! And you're not real you! It's inside your real you!" —Duck, Episode 4
  • "Digital style!" —Duck, Episode 4
  • "Hmm.. Something's... missing." —Duck, Episode 5
  • "Get off me!" —Duck, Episode 5
  • "Yeah, but... something's... wrong!" —Duck, Episode 5
  • “Enough! I don't wanna do this anymore!!!" —Duck, Episode 5
  • "F-F-Fish on my tray? WHAT?! WHERE AM I?!!" —Duck, Episode 6



  • He was confirmed to be a duck by Jack Sachs on Instagram.[1]
    • Printed Pictures Magazine also lists him as "Duck," which can be seen if you click on the "Select" button. [1]
  • He is frowned upon by Tony the Talking Clock more so than the other puppets for questioning the idea of time. He is also frowned upon by The Healthy Band for questioning their ideas of health.
  • His head is on Becky Sloan's Twitter account along with Becky, Red Guy's head and a full-bodied Yellow Guy.
  • In the first Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, he had short legs and his feet were 2 dimensional. From the second episode and on, his legs are longer and almost as tall as the Yellow Guy.
  • Duck Guy was the only one of the three protagonists to die in an episode.
  • In Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3, he can be seen amongst the crowd when Yellow Guy is being brainwashed. It is unknown why. It could probably be because Yellow Guy imagined himself with everyone he loves.
  • In Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4, he has four creepy variations.
    • He also appears with one eye and no head.
  • In Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5, he was eaten by Yellow Guy at the end. He is shown to be alive, at the end of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6, but is now red and wearing a different suit, instead of his normal green color.
  • In Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3, he's shown to hate insects, as he kills some.
  • It appears that he wears glasses. They are first shown in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4, next to him on the table, and then shown on the nightstand next to his bed in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6.
    • It is unknown why he needs to wear glasses, as it appears that he can see perfectly without them. It could be possible that those are his reading glasses, however.
  • The puppets were in an exclusive interview with It's Nice That. [1]
    • He stated he likes to eat Pineapple fritters, waffles, miniature pancakes, a chicken picnic, bread lengths and whipped milk.
    • He stated that his favourite colour is "Once in a while." (However, in the first Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, it is stated that his favorite color is red.)
    • He's allergic to "Some string and three hammers".
    • He finds yogurt exciting.
    • He's scared of Planet Hollywood.
    • One of his hobbies is weaving.
    • He dreams of "Dog Leather, all kinds of leather."
    • His favourite song is "Douglas the Silly Train by Zim Spiegleman Jr."
    • He loves anyone who loves him back.
  • it is currently unknown as to why Duck Guy's voice is auto-tuned.
  • Most think Duck Guy is the oldest out of the protagonists of the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series.
  • It is often a joke among fans that he was killed because he is green as the first episode stated "Green Is Not a Creative Color."
  • The Duck appears to be the one that has the worst aging, as his flesh decays and his eye falls out, instead of just getting older or having his hair get long and gray.


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