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"Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3" is the third episode of the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series. In this episode, the puppets learn about love. The episode was released on October 31st, 2014.


Yellow Guy, Duck, and Red Guy are sitting, having a picnic. Red Guy asks the others if they agree that it's nice to be outside on such a nice day, Duck Guy answers with "yes" and shows he brought chicken with them to the picnic. Yellow Guy notices a butterfly flying around and enjoys it until Duck Guy kills it with a flyswatter, which upsets Yellow Guy and causes him to run away. Red Guy wonders what will happen as Yellow Guy is sitting on a tree branch, crying. Another butterfly appears, asking Yellow Guy if hatred makes him sad. After Yellow Guy mistakes Shrignold for a baby pigeon, Shrignold sings and asks Yellow Guy if he wonders why they are on Earth or what it's about, then proceeding to sing about how much hatred, darkness, death, and fear there is in the world.

He says that it doesn't have to be that way just because they're different. He mentions that Yellow Guy doesn't know who Shrignold is, and decides that he could hold Yellow Guy's hand and understand more about love. Yellow Guy begins to feel tingly, which the butterfly tells him is the feeling of love and he decides that he should learn more about it. Shrignold and Yellow Guy go to the sky, riding a cloud as the butterfly flies. Shrignold asks him if he feels like life is unfair. He tells him that if he follows him, he will see that love is everywhere. Yellow Guy, not knowing what love is, asks if it is in the sky. The cloud that he is riding on tells him that it is a feeling. Yellow Guy thinks he feels love because he is hungry, but the butterfly corrects him by saying that it's because he's lonely, and that he can tell by his eyes.

Yellow Guy still doesn't understand, so the butterfly brings Yellow Guy to his friends that, according to him, know all about love. Duck Guy and Red Guy notice that he's flying in the sky. Red Guy is trying to decide if they should follow him, but Duck Guy wants to finish the picnic first. Yellow Guy meets Shrignold's friends (Tree, FlowerRabbit Boy, Unicorn, Frog Boy, and "Furry Boy"). They all love each other and Yellow Guy. Duck Guy and Red Guy have eaten all of the chicken and eggs, which are now covered in what appears to be blood, so Duck Guy decides to look for Yellow Guy. The butterfly tells Yellow Guy what the definition of love is and the butterfly's friends show an example of loving. Yellow Guy says that he loves a tree and a stick, and the butterfly tells him that he is doing it incorrectly and he must save his love for his special one.

Yellow Guy doesn't know he apparently has a special one. The butterfly tells him that he is confused. The tree tells the story of Michael, the loneliest boy in town, and how he is usually insulted by everyone, and how he lives underground. Shrignold tells Yellow Guy that everyone has a special person in their life, even Michael. Then Shrignold tells Yellow Guy that his heart beats like a drum, calling for his special one. Rabbit Puppet tells him to be patient and that his special one will eventually come. They show examples of love, and tell him that it's perfect, pure, and protected with a ring.

The tree says that it is the way it's supposed to go. The horse, planting a flower, says love grows like a flower, and Purple Guy tells him that love is permanent, and that they all worship their king, Malcolm, and feed gravel to him, or else he becomes angry. They ask Yellow Guy, who is strapped to what appears to be a chair, to change his name to Shrigis and to 'clean his brain'. The horse tells him that if he forgets everything he knows, his heart will 'vanish home' and his love for his special one won't stop.

They tell him to wear the ring and he will never be alone. In reality, Yellow Guy freaks out and is confused, waking up where he started, sitting at a picnic blanket. Duck Guy and Red Guy finally find Yellow Guy and Duck Guy apologizes by giving him the last boiled egg. Red Guy says they did it because they love Yellow Guy. A bloody creature comes out of the egg, calling Yellow Guy his father, and Duck kills it with his fly swatter.

The credits show Malcolm on fire. 


Red Guy: Isn't it nice to be outside on such a beautiful day?

Duck: Yes, and I've packed us a delicious chicken picnic!

Yellow Guy: (notices a butterfly) Huh? (makes happy noises)

Duck: Eh! (swats the butterfly) Pesky bee.

[Yellow Guy gets up and runs off, crying.]

Red Guy: Hm, he seems upset about something. I wonder what will happen.

[The scene fades back to Yellow Guy, who is crying in a tree.]

Shrignold: It makes you sad, doesn't it? That there's so much hatred in the world. I hope you don't mind if I ask you a question.

Yellow Guy: A little baby pigeon...

Shrignold: Have you ever wondered why we're here? What's it's all about, you've no idea. And everywhere you look all you see is hatred, and darkness, death and fear. But you know it doesn't have to be, that I hate you, and you hate me. 'Cause even though we're different, it doesn't make a difference... And we can live in harmony. No, you don't know who I am, but maybe I could hold your hand. And together we can understand about love!

Yellow Guy: Huh, I feel tingly!

Shrignold: Yes, that's love, my friend, and it's time for you to learn all about it! (laughs)

[The scene changes to a pink sky. Yellow Guy is riding a cloud with Shrignold on his side.]

Chorus: (singing) Love is a place, love is a thing. Love is a place, love is a thing. Love is a place, love is a thing. Love is a place, love is a thing. Love is a place, love is a thing.

Shrignold(singing) And do you ever feel like life's unfair, cause everybody hates you, and no one cares! But if you follow me, maybe you will see, that love is everywhere.

Yellow Guy: (singing) What is love, is it in the sky?

Cloud: No, it's a feeling, deep inside.

Yellow Guy: Because I'm hungry.

Shrignold: No, you're lonely, I can see it in your eyes.

Yellow Guy: I don't understand.

Shrignold: Don't worry! You will soon. Come and meet some of my friends, they know all about love. Come on, just over the rainbow!

[The scene cuts back to the picnic. Duck and Red Guy see Yellow Guy pass by.]

Duck: (singing) Oh look, there he goes, flying through the sky.

Red Guy: (singing) Maybe we should follow him, or we'll get left behind.

Duck: Yes, but there's lot of chicken left, and I'd like to eat the chicken.

Red Guy: I'd also like to eat the chicken, let's do that instead.

[The scene cuts back to Shrignold and Yellow Guy. They arrive over the rainbow with Shrignold's friends: Rabbit Boy, Frog Boy, Unicorn, Tree, and Furry Boy.]

Shrignold: So here we are with all my friends, and they love you, all of them.

Rabbit Boy: Yes we do.

Unicorn: It is true.

Frog Boy: We love you.

Furry Boy: And you love us too!

Yellow Guy: I love you too, furry boy. (scratches behind Furry Boy's ear)

Furry Boy: Hee hee, harder.

[The scene cuts back to the picnic, where everything is eaten.]

Red Guy: Now we've eaten the chicken, I don't know what to do.

Duck: Maybe we should look for our friend, isn't that what friends do? And we have finished the chicken picnic. (stares into the camera)

Shrignold: To love each other is to care, to be kind—

Flowers: And to share!

Rabbit Boy: I love my friend so I give him a hug.

Frog Boy: I made this for you 'cause I love you so much.

Furry Boy: I love my pet 'cause he's a crab.

Yellow Guy: I love this tree, and I love this stick, and I love this—

Shrignold: No no no! That's not how it's done. You must save your love for your special one.

Yellow Guy: My special one?

Unicorn: Everyone has a special one.

Yellow Guy: Even me? But I am lonely.

Shrignold: Yes, it's true! But do not worry. You're confused, but that's okay. Let me put it another way...

Tree: This is the story of Michael, the loneliest boy in town. (singing) This is the story of Michael, the ugliest boy in town. Ugly and weak, they called him a freak, so he lived on his own underground. He lived on his own underground. He lived on his own underground...

Shrignold: You see, everyone has a special one.

Rabbit Boy: Even Michael!

Shrignold: Your heart beats hard like a big love drum, calling for your special one.

Rabbit Boy: So be patient! 'Cause just maybe...

Everyone: Your special one will come!

Furry Boy: He's made for her.

Unicorn: And she's made for him.

Rabbit Boy: That's the way it's always been!

Furry Boy: And it's perfect.

Frog Boy: And it's pure.

Shrignold: And it's protected with a ring.

Tree: That's the way that all love goes.

Unicorn: Like a flower, it grows and grows.

Frog Boy: And it's forever.

Flowers: And forever!

Shrignold: And now we all worship our king!

[The place turns darker and Shrignold and his friends can be seen wearing robes and a giant stone statue in front of them (Malcolm). Roy, Sketchbook, Tony, Red Guy and Duck can be seen behind also wearing robes.]

Everyone: Our king...

Yellow Guy: Huh?

Everyone: Our king...

Shrignold: His name is Malcolm.

Everyone: Our king...

Furry Boy: He is the king of love.

Everyone: Our king...

Unicorn: We must feed him.

Everyone: Our king...

Rabbit Boy: We must feed him gravel.

Everyone: Our king...

Shrignold: Or he becomes angry.

Everyone: Our king...

Malcolm: Feed me gravel!

Everyone: Our king...

Shrignold: And this is your chance to start anew.

Everyone: Our king...

Shrignold: And all we're asking you to do...

Everyone: Our king...

Rabbit Boy: Is change your name!

Everyone: Our king...

Furry Boy: And clean your brain!

Shrignold: And forget anything about you ever knew.

Everyone: Our king...

Unicorn: And your heart will find its home.

Everyone: Our king...

Special One: And our love will never go!

Everyone: Our king...

Shrignold: Now wear this ring...

Everyone: And join the king!

Shrignold: And you will never be alone!

[The scene cuts back to Yellow Guy on the tree, looking startled and panicked. Red Guy and Duck are seen beneath him.]

Red Guy: Oh, there you are. We've been looking for you all afternoon.

Duck: We're sorry we upset you. But look, we've brought you the last boiled egg. To cheer you up.

Red Guy: I guess it must be because we "love" you.

Yellow Guy: For me?

[The egg bursts open, revealing a bloodied, maggot-like creature inside.]

Maggot: Father!

Duck: Eh! (swats the Maggot) Pesky bee.

[The credits roll.]



  • There are two characters wearing cloaks that resemble Sketchbook and Tony the Talking Clock seen standing in a crowd as Yellow Guy is being brainwashed.
    • Red Guy can also be seen in the crowd on the left, while Duck is seen on the right.
    • Roy is also seen twice. 
  • This is the first episode with more than one puppet that isn't Yellow Guy, Red Guy, Duck or Roy.
  • Many fans were disappointed by this episode because they believed it wasn't as scary as the first two.
  • Although it seems this way, Yellow Guy was not the only puppet who learned about love in this episode. Duck and Red Guy also learned about love when they realized they upset their friend and then came to the conclusion that they should give him an egg.
  • This is the only episode of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared that does not take place in the puppets' house.
  • Duck Guy's voice is not auto-tuned in this episode.
  • The song used in this video "The Love Song" can be purchased on iTunes.[1]


As of October 2016, this episode has been seen by 15.6 million viewers, a mediocre 8.9 million decrease from the previous episode, with 202,000 likes against only 8,000 dislikes.