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Craig's Big Day

Craig's Big Day is a series created by Becky Sloan and Joe Pelling for the website Dazed. It has three episodes which are called "Craig's Big Day", "Birthday Meal" and "I Wanted To Kill Myself". The three videos can be viewed on YouTube as a playlist.


The series is about lonely, nerdy man named Craig, celebrating his 31st birthday. In the first episode he talks with his computer about his birthday and plays a game. He has no emails and he loses the game. He has a strange birthday meal in the next episode, and eats it in a very strange way as a clock character watches. In the third episode, Craig finds a birthday present in his computer and finds out that it is poison. Craig then sings about how he wanted to kill himself until he became "big and strong" and got spiky hair. Craig then starts arguing with Becky and Joe, who use chloroform to knock him out.


In the DHMIS universe

It has been revealed by the creators of DHMIS that this was the show they were about to watch in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2. Some of the characters appear to be counterparts to characters from the DHMIS such as Tony the Talking Clock and Sketchbook. It is also directed by a real life counterpart of Roy Gribbleston. At one point, Duck Guy's head makes an appearance in the creators' set.

The real life counterpart of Roy Gribbleston