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Craig's Big Day

Craig's Big Day is a series created by Becky Sloan and Joe Pelling for the website Dazed.[1] It has three episodes which are called "Craig's Big Day", "Birthday Meal" and "I Wanted To Kill Myself". The three videos can be viewed on YouTube as a playlist. The first episode was published on January 8, 2014 the same day as Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 - TIME. The second and third episode were published on the 9th and 10th January consequently.


The series is about lonely, nerdy man named Craig, celebrating his 31st birthday.

Craig's Big Day

In the first episode Craig appears to be in his bathroom. He looks at himself in the mirror, puts on his glasses, arranges his hair and put's on a birthday pin. As he stares at himself his reflection spits at him. The whole room is then shown and it's revealed that Craig is at work in his office. He turns on the computer where a logo turns into a ladder and starts singing a birthday song to him. He then checks his emails and learns that he hasn't received any to his disappointment. The ladder cheers him up and offers to play some games instead. He plays the game "Wacky - Pig Worm!" but loses after a few seconds and the ladder tries to console him by saying "better luck next time" a few times in a repetitive way.

Birthday Meal

Craig eating his birthday meal

In the next episode Craig takes his birthday meal out of the microwave. A close up of the clock in the back is shown and two hands remove the frame in front of it revealing a human face that watches him and a ticking sound is heard. Craig then prepares his birthday meal in a very strange way and as he put it in his mouth he does not appear to enjoy it.

I Wanted To Kill Myself

In the last episode, Craig breaks up his computer screen with a hammer and finds his birthday present in it. A separate scene starts playing where we see Craig walking towards golden tinsels with a red squire character, similar to sketchbook, next to him. The clock is also still watching him. When he turns around he suddenly transforms into a much cooler version of himself and start singing. When we look trough the tinsels we can see that Craig actually is still in his office. The two separate scenes combine and Craig sings about his past life as a nerd and how he wanted to kill himself until he became "big and strong". Meanwhile the original Craig opens his present and finds out it contains a bottle of poison. As the other Craig continues singing the original Craig decides he wants to drink the poison and we see some pasts scenes of Craig playing games on his computer and Craig seems to get angry about this. Then a computer screen with several versions of Craig dancing is shown and the other Craig starts a guitar scene while balloons drop down on him. The original Craig then starts jumping into the airs while waving wildly with his arms and legs and the clock starts screaming. During the climax of the song the camera zooms out revealing the whole scene to be a set with actors playing in it. Everything then starts to fall apart and the actor of Craig starts arguing with Becky and Joe, who use some substance - Becky claims comes from the water cooler - to knock him out or kill him.

In the DHMIS universe

It has been revealed by the creators of DHMIS that this was the show the puppets were about to watch in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 and it is also directed by a man called Roy who could be a real life counterpart of Roy Gribbleston. Next to the clock is a "19" indicating that Craig's birthday is on the 19the, possibly June 19. Some of the characters appear to be counterparts to characters from DHMIS such as Tony the Talking Clock and Sketchbook and, at one point, Duck Guy's head makes an appearance in the creators' set. There are also specific references to the second episode of DHMIS such as the same publication date of the first video, the tv in the first and third intro, Craig's birthday pin is also worn by Duck and the dear's head that's mounted on the wall. The checkered floor on the computer could also be a reference to the fourth episode and the gold tinsel in the last part also occurs in the 6the episode when Red Guy is singing. Lastly there are some small statues of horses, an ashtray with an unlit cigarette, and the party theme that all generally occure in DHMIS.



  • The actor of Craig is introduced as Wigan Proust but is actually played by Baker Terry.
  • Except for the singing and arguing between Becky and Joe, Craig does not talk but communicates with emotions and shaking his head.
  • After the clock scene in the second episode Craig starts to wear a party hat.


  • When the computer boots up a triangle with the colors blue, yellow, red and cyan appears along with the letters "ZC". The letters then change into something else that is difficult to read and then into the ladder.
  • The ladder on the computer could be a reference to the corporate ladder or Clippy from Windows.
  • Two times the word "CRAIG!!!" appears on the computer.
  • At 0:46 in the first episode, the face of the ladder briefly appears full-screen on the computer.
  • In the second episode the ladder hold a knife and a fork and wears a toque blanche.


  • There are two clocks in the background, none of them have numbers on them, not even the clock with a face.
  • The keys of the keyboard are all blank.
  • The clock with the face could symbolize that time is watching or could be a counterpart of Tony the Talking Clock or be a reference to Bad Things That Could Happen.
  • at 0:08 in the second episode a window can be seen and it appears to be night outside although the ladder mentions that it is morning.