The Control Panel is an object that appeared in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6. Red Guy stumbles upon it, and starts testing it, to see what it could do. It controls the events that has happened in every single Don't Hug Me I'm Scared episode. (Except the first episode)


The control panel is an object used to control all of the teachers that appeared in every episode of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. (Except Sketchbook) It monitors everything using 6 mini screens, and 1 large screen on top. Assumably, the big screen is used to monitor what's currently happening to the protagonists, while the small ones are used to see what happened to them before. The puppets are not aware that the teachers are randomly generated using this machine, and are most likely not aware that they are being watched. It is unknown who is the one who controls the machine, but it is strongly implied that it is controlled by Roy. The machine is plugged into the wall, and once the plug has been pulled, the protagonists are no longer being controlled. It is unknown why this machine was built, or by whom.


Control Panel

Red Guy using the control panel.

The control panel is pitch black, with a dark gray cover. It is attached to blue, red, and yellow wires at the top. It has 3 mini screens on the left, 3 mini screens on the right, and 1 large screen on the top. Under the huge screen are two gray wheels. Below the mini screens on the left are a digital timer that says "19:06" in blue, a clock that resembles Tony next to it, a status with red, yellow, and blue bars, and what seems to be a heart beat monitor underneath those two things, and a box, with assumably a wire in it. Below the mini screens on the right are many buttons, in various sizes in yellow, blue, and red, and another clock that resembles Tony. There also seems to be many buttons on the machine that comes in yellow, blue, and red. There are also two piano keyboards on the left, and right side of the machine. Attached to it, is a gray extension cord, that is plugged in.


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