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"Music is your favourite thing!"



The Boombox is a character in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6.

He first appears when Red Guy drops The Microphone and then The Boombox says "Gaaeeh?". He later appeared again as he singing "Music is your favourite thing!" right after The Cigarette appeared. He was supposed to teach the puppets about music.

The Boombox later appeared when he, along with the other teachers were torturing Yellow Guy.


He looks like a standard boombox. He is blue, with a red antenna, a yellow tape, speakers, a red mouth, and stop, record, play, fast forward, and rewind buttons on its top row of teeth.


  • "Gaaeeh?"
  • "Music is your favourite thing!"


  • He was possibly based on the boombox that was used to play the Creativity Song on stage in Red Guy's world.
  • He is most likely the puppet shown in Becky's "It's Friday" Instagram video.
  • His voice is different when he appeared twice.