Screenshot-17-4-19 DHMISWiki2
Screenshot-17-4-19 DHMISWiki3
Screenshot-17-4-19 DHMISWiki4
What are THESE? OvO

The Red, (Dark) Green and Yellow match the theme of the show, the main trio, while still being easy on the optics for dark-theme lovers like me. The planned background change is to keep up with the new series. Of course, there's the option of keeping the background image but making the main "content holder" dark green. Personally, I believe the darker the colors, the better. I personally prefer the first image. But how about you? Why don't you vote for which one you prefer?

If you don't like any of these, feel free to vote for another color scheme! Either way, keep voting because it's not over yet!
Screenshot-17-4-19 DHMISWiki5
Screenshot-17-4-19 DHMISWiki6

UPDATE: I plan on making the green #021102 instead.

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