Big Ian is a character from the brand new DHMIS television series being produced by Conaco, Blink industries, and Super Deluxe. In the first episode, "Wakey Wakey", he is revealed to be the neighbour to Red Guy, Duck, and Yellow Guy and Mrs. Gernald. Due to this, he has the 4th proper line to the introduction song, in which he simply exclaims "Hello, I'm Big Ian." (to finish part of a joke). Besides the information already presented, very little is known about this mysterious character. As of now, he is simply a side character however his role may increase in size as the series goes on.


His body is completely flat (or rather, as flat as a puppet of this material and practicality can be), mirroring his rather flat personality. He has a single tuft of hair as well a mono-brow. His cheeks are of a light pink shade. He dawns a red and yellow striped shirt as well as blue plants, presumably jeans. Last and probably least, are his shoes, which are a deep brown colour, presumably leather.


"Hello, I'm Big Ian"

"But that belongs to us!!!"

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